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Habitat for Humanity, CT REIA and You

What a Beautiful Partnership - CT REIA Members are partnering up with Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County to renovate a 12-unit historical condo complex in Bridgeport. Be part of the excitement.

This is a unique project for Habitat for Humanity because it is a renovation (not new construction) and provides housing for smaller families (1- and 2-bedroom condos plus several 3-bedroom units).

  • Originally built in the 1880s, this building provided housing for employees of the Armstrong Manufacturing Company.
  • Given its historical nature, the exterior will be restored to maintain its character.
  • However, the interior represents a gut rehab.
  • Renovation will have 12 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condos.
  • The families who will be moving in contribute 500 hours each in sweat equity.
  • CT REIA Members are raising $10,000 and volunteering for at least 2 work-days in the fall.
  • Estimated completion for this project is Spring 2008.
Habitat For Humanity project

You can participate by contributing money to our project. 100 people contributing $100 reaches our goal, so all contributions make a difference!

Make a Donation Today!
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If you prefer sending a check, make checks payable to Habitat for Humanity and mail them to:

Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association
Post Office Box 270896
West Hartford, Connecticut 06127-0556

For every $100 donation, CT REIA will give you free admission for 2 to a Saturday Seminar or Weekday Class of your choice. Donations of all sizes are welcome - all are tax-deductible as Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County is a non-profit organization.

Reusable Building Materials

Landlords - Repair Your Property And Save. Buy good, reusable building materials for less at the Reconnstruction Center in New Britain, Connecticut.

The Reconnstruction Center Store
Open 9am to 4pm on Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat, and from 9am to 6pm on Thu.
230 South Street, New Britain, CT
(Exit 25 off Route 9)

You can donate your materials & get a tax deduction. Help keep building materials out of the landfills.

Reconnstruction Center in New Britain, Connecticut

Guidelines for Donating Materials

The ReCONNstruction Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accepts tax-deductible donations of surplus and reusable building supplies from businesses, manufacturers, and the general public. We inspect all materials and will decline unsatisfactory or overstocked items as necessary. Since our mission is to reuse these materials, they must be in saleable condition. If an item is exceptionally saleable, but you have no means to deliver it to us, we may arrange to pick it up. Also, contact us if you are seeking something in particular.

General Acceptance Criteria

  1. All donated items must be in good reusable condition. We cannot accept items that are damaged beyond repair, or that have missing parts. Materials should be clean with no peeling paint, serious dents, chips, or rust.
  2. We cannot accept hazardous materials. This includes items containing PCB's, asbestos, mercury, or lead paint; and flammable compounds.
  3. Items must be delivered to our facility. Until we secure more funding to purchase a box truck, pick-up service is available only on a limited basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs. (860-597-3390)

Items We Can Accept

Building Materials

  • Dimensional Lumber (4' in length or longer; no paint or nails)
  • Plywood (1/2 sheets or larger; no paint or nails)
  • Drywall (1/2 sheets or larger)
  • Insulation, rigid foam (1/2 sheets or larger)
  • Insulation, fiberglass batts (clean and packaged in clear plastic bags)
  • Siding, wood and vinyl
  • Moldings (4' or longer, no paint or nails)
  • Stair railing and balusters
  • Hardware
  • Block, brick, pavers
  • Flashing
  • Roof shingles (asphalt only, complete packages)
  • Caulking, putty, adhesives, grout (unopened containers only)


  • Double-pane (complete with frame only)
  • Wood and Vinyl
  • Storm windows with complete tracks
  • Shutters, wood or vinyl (no missing slats)


  • Interior and Exterior with no damage
  • Storm doors with complete frame
  • Sliding or French doors with complete frame
  • Fencing and gates
  • Fireplace doors


  • Vanities
  • Fixtures (faucets)
  • Sinks
  • Tubs (fiberglass or claw-foot only, no dated colors)
  • Shower and tub enclosures (new only)
  • Toilets (new low-flow or vintage only)


  • Cabinets
  • Counter tops
  • Hardware
  • Sinks
  • Fixtures (faucets)


  • Wood - Tile (ceramic with no grout, rubber, vinyl)
  • Engineered flooring (i.e. Pergo), new only (at least 100sf)
  • Sheet vinyl (5' x 8' minimum)
  • Carpet (new only, 10' x 12' minimum)


  • Lighting and electrical fixtures (no lamps or fluorescent bulbs)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Electric baseboard heaters (new only)


  • Ducting and vent covers


  • Pipe, cast iron, PVC (4' or longer)
  • Plumbing supplies

Wall Coverings

  • Wall Paper (full rolls only)
  • Wainscoting
  • Paneling

Miscellaneous Items

  • Gutters and accessories
  • Wood stoves (antique only)
  • Commercial shelving
  • Tools
  • General architectural salvage (mantles, stained glass, etc.)

Items We Can't Accept

Appliances - Commercial 200-volt electric items - Loose glass - Fluorescent bulbs - Furniture - Hazardous materials - Oil based paint & Stain - Used Carpet - Damaged Goods

CT REIA Goes to Washington, DC Representing Connecticut Real Estate Investors and Apartment Owners

National REIA GroupsOver 60 National REIA leaders from across the country joined together to meet with our nation's elected leaders. With over 50 meetings and two special presentations by Congressmen, the attendees were able to introduce National REIA's strength in both numbers of small businesses, but also as an industry leader with extensive educational resources.

The National Real Estate Investors Association arranged a Day on the Hill for 50+ real estate investors from around the country, meeting with various legislators about the housing industry. Our primary purpose was to discuss two items: the Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Act (drafted by Senator Kohl) and the Installment Sale Proposal, which we're hoping one of the legislators will consider and move forward with it. We were also there to show our strength in that National REIA represents over 40,000 small businesses in 41 states and to assure them that we are a resource they can rely on.

JoAnne Brissette from the CT REIA led one of our teams. The National REIA lobbyists made arrangements for each team to meet with their respective states. JoAnne Brissette, past lobbyist and a seasoned investor/apartment owner, continues to represent CT Investors and Apartment Owners on local issues.

Get to you know your state law makers. Visit the Connecticut Government page to find out who is your local state representative.

Connecticut State Treasurer's Office Unclaimed Property

As part of our unprecedented efforts to return unclaimed property to rightful owners and heirs, this website provides quick access to an updated list of hundreds of thousands of names with unclaimed assets, and a direct link to request an Official Claim Form.

The Connecticut Treasury returned $26.2 million to rightful owners during fiscal year 2006, the most money returned in a single year in the 70-year history of the program. On average, $2 million per month is being provided by the State Treasury to rightful owners and heirs - triple the rate just eight years ago. In fact, more than $110 million has been returned to more than 100,000 individual and business claimants in that time.

You could be next. We have millions of dollars more to give back... So please take a look for your name or the names of someone you know. Businesses may also have unclaimed property. Searching the lists is easy. Go Here for more info.

Contacting the Unclaimed Property Division. To speak with an unclaimed property claims representative, call our toll free number, 1-800-833-7318. While the call volume is frequently high, all calls are answered as quickly as possible in the order they are received. We appreciate your patience when contacting us by telephone.

Unclaimed Property Division representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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West Hartford, CT 06127
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