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Real Estate Deal Or No Deal Workshop

This subgroup is Free and only open to members of CTREIA. Our panel of seasoned investors will help you analyze and structure your deals so that you avoid the bad deals and make the profitable deals happen. This workshop helps our members find the best real estate investment deals in Connecticut.

So you think that you found a great deal? Think again and learn the process!

Our panel of experts have 50+ years of buying and selling single family houses and apartment buildings.

Don't Have A Deal? You Can Still Attend

We analyze 6 to 8 member deals in an evening. You will leave inspired to take action and armed with the knowledge of how to analyze/structure deals.

  1. Find out what works and doesn't work
  2. Sometimes what appears to be a great deal... is really a questionable deal?
  3. Learn how to walk away gracefully (so that you don't lose your shirt)
  4. Learn how to turn your deals into cash
  5. Is your marketing working or not?
  6. Pull your leads out of the trash can... and let's turn them into a deals

Have Your Real Estate Deal Analyzed

To have your deal analyzed and evaluated by our panel of seasoned real estate investors, simply print out this page and fill out the form below. Then bring this filled out form with you to the meeting. (Note: This is purely optional. You can still attend this meeting if you do not bring a deal.)

(We would love to review your deal prior to the meeting so we can analyze the deal more thoroughly. If possible, fax the info to 203-841-1111 or email the info to bershipcei.co )




Property Address (we will not be advertising this to any attendees - this is for our own review purposes):

Type of Property (single, multi [#units], commercial, land):

How did you find it (MLS, your own marketing, word of mouth, etc...):

What rehab work does it need?

Approximate cost of rehab?

Purchase Price or List Price:

Owner financing available?

What are the current PITI payments?

What is the current rental income?

What do you want to offer?

Do you have the financing arranged?

What is the challenge with this deal?

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