ABC’s Of Prospecting

ABC’s Of Prospecting

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Article by Robert Shemin

The ABC’s of prospecting, which is the life-blood of your business and your income, is very simple. We all know our ABC ‘s so now you must practice this very simple formula which is ABP. ALWAYS BE PROSPECTING.

My father always told me that I should be an excellent physical shape because, like everyone, I was always jumping to conclusion.

How many times have you or I started thinking about not talking to someone, not offering them our great service and not offering them our great business opportunity because we thought:

  • They might not be interested.
  • They are too smart or too successful to do what I’m doing.
  • They are just so different from me.

If you believe in what you are doing and you absolutely MUST believe 100% in yourself, your company and your opportunity. I believe you have an ethical responsibility to view everyone as a prospect and offer them the chance to make a decision about their future.

Who is your prospect? Everyone!! Especially today, everyone is working too hard, needing extra income and looking for a way out of the Hamster wheel.

So many times I would meet someone who I thought (because I made mistake of thinking too much) would not be interested in my opportunity. Then, 8 months later, I would see them at my regional convention getting a $10,000 per month award because someone else offered them the chance to look at my business.

One complaint I have about myself and many referral-marketing associates is that we get so excited about talking to a prospect we repulse them. Remember, it’s always about what the prospect wants, not what you want. So the way I prospect with everyone, because I cannot stand rejection (and trust me I had plenty of it) is to use the law of: Remove yourself from the process.

So here’s how I approach a waiter, a waitress, a CEO a housewife or everyone and anyone:

  1. Built report. I do this by giving people a gift of candy, smiling or wanting to learn about what they are doing.
  2. Ask them if they know of anyone who part time might be interested in making an extra $2-$8000 per month helping people.
  3. If they say "what about me"? Respond: "I’m not sure if you’re qualified," and put them through your recruiting process.
  4. Always carry tools and applications on your person at all times.

Even though you are always prospecting, always give the people the opportunity to buy. I’ve seen so many associates talk to someone who does want their service and or get into their business but the associate is not properly armed with the right tools and applications.

So, raise your right hand and repeat after me: "I… from this moment forward promise to view everyone as a potential prospect. I will talk to them and present them with an opportunity to look at what I am doing. I hereby also vow to carry with me at all times the proper tools and applications."

Everyone is your prospect and everyone in the world could be in your business if you would just give them the opportunity.

Robert Shemin is a regular guest speaker at CT REIA. Go here for the current list of upcoming real estate investing seminars in Connecticut.

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