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Commercial Real Estate – Made Easy

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Article by Terry Hale

When most people hear the words "Commercial Real Estate" they think of a bunch of tall building in a large city that some mega wealthy individual must own, right. That’s so far from the truth this information is going to shock you.

Have you ever driven down the street and just looked at how much commercial real estate there really is? Have you ever said to yourself "wow, I would love to own that building?" Well, everyday people own those buildings and you can too.

It’s important to understand anyone can do this business with the right strategies and techniques using none of your own money, credit or previous experience. Terry Hale is the leading expert to show you how.

Terry will show you how to buy all types of commercial property with proven time tested strategies at 30% to 50% of appraised market value. We’re not talking about using good old conventional wisdom, where you put down a bunch of cash, say twenty to thirty percent down payment, and go down to the bank for a loan and personally sign for it. Most investors out there do just that, they find a deal that looks like a good opportunity with a decent return breaking even in the first 3 to 5 years. They look at the deal in one dimension, what it is now, what income it’s producing, and the projected return is in the years to come. This is the wrong way and what keeps most from taking the transition from residential to commercial Real Estate.

  1. Terry is the only person on the planet that will show you how to explode your wealth in commercial real estate and get deep-discounted wholesale deals offered by motivated sellers in your area. Were talking about the sweet spot commercial properties that bring in $3,000 to $10,000 and more in monthly cash flow on autopilot.
  2. Terry will dispel the myths on why most people stay away from commercial and why it’s such a benefit to you regardless if you want to do apartments, self storage, mobile home parks, senior living facilities or land with huge bargain-prices and aggressive terms so you can get in the game with none of your own money credit or previous experience.
  3. Step-by-step you will be walked through the transition from residential to commercial real estate. Many investors are focused on the residential foreclosures and smaller paydays, anyone can get into commercial regardless if you’ve ever done a residential deal or not, and it doesn’t take any longer than residential house buying business. In commercial it only takes one deal to set you up with financial security and Terry will show you how.
  4. Terry will walk you through the simple process of no banks needed. When you’re getting in on deals at 30% – 50% of appraised market value, it’s a no-brainer and when it comes to financing. There’s a system set up for success from day one.
  5. Terry will walk you through the steps to success. His students are doing deals with monthly cash flow and huge cash profits. Any one can get into commercial real estate. Terry and his team is there for you.

Remember the traditional way to by real estate is to put a twenty percent down payment and get a bank loan for the rest and Terry doesn’t buy that way. So many people these days are hung up on the mortgage meltdown and the foreclosure frenzy. Commercial real estate is red hot and Terry is going to share with us the property types that are recession proof and how to get the low hanging fruit with speed and ease.

Terry Hale teaches the simple steps on how anyone can get started in commercial Real Estate with none of your own money, credit or previous experience. His techniques work for all commercial property types to make tens of thousands in monthly cash flow and quick cash profits in today’s current market conditions. Terry continues to actively invest in commercial Real Estate all over the nation with over a decade of hands on experience Terry has perfected a step-by-step system that works in today’s current market conditions. Terry Hale is a regular guest speaker at CT REIA. Go here for the current list of upcoming real estate investing seminars in Connecticut.

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