Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 1)

|, by Speaker, Damon Remy, Featured|Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 1)

Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 1)

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You Don’t Need A Brand, You Need A Plan

I have three truths to share with you.

  1. You cannot compete with Big Brand Marketing
  2. You shouldn’t even try
  3. You can do it better and see greater results for less effort (truly)

Stick around, this entire article centers around why your brand is NOT the first stop on the lead generation line, but, rather, what is.

If you follow this approach, known as lead generation marketing or direct response marketing, you will crush the big boys without a big marketing budget and flood your business with motivated sellers, qualified buyers, renters, and lenders without sacrificing your time and sanity.

Before we get into the how’s, I want you to understand, marketing isn’t part of the business, marketing is the business.

The success of any business hinges on traffic and conversions. It’s true for every business, but it’s especially critical in real estate.

The only way to generate enough leads so that you have more deals than you can handle is through automation – unless you want to work more, make less, and not enjoy life.

Which we know, you don’t.

So, you have to market.

But maybe you think marketing is expensive?

How do you compete with a $46,000 a month marketing budget? (that’s the monthly marketing budge for one of the nations largest home buyers in the St. Louis Market alone)

How do you get your slice of the pie, so to speak?

Well you have to do it differently. The approach that will work for you doesn’t begin with your brand, it starts with the specific problem your prospects have that you can solve.

It starts with them. Not with you, and not with your brand.

You want to be asking this question: How do I attract the right people who need the solutions I offer?

The big boys market with a commercial fishing net, you need to market with a surgeon’s scalpel.

That will make all the difference.

What’s more, traditional marketing like billboards, radio commercials, TV spots, & brand building isn’t accurately measureable. In the industry, they call it “fuzzy analytics”. Fuzzy analytics is what makes marketing feel like an expense.

Let me ask you a question. Do you feel comfortable about building your business around “fuzzy analytics”?

I didn’t think so.

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