The Art of Negotiation: Did you ask for what you want?

|, by Speaker, Featured, Linda Baumgarten|The Art of Negotiation: Did you ask for what you want?

The Art of Negotiation: Did you ask for what you want?

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So here’s what happened.

I was checking into my flight at home and saw that I could buy online Wi-Fi for $14. This is a 5.5 hour flight so I thought to was a good deal, but sometimes I just like to chill on the plane.

I figured I could sign up on the plane so I waited. I am sitting at my iPad with 3.5 hours left on the flight so I decided to sign up for Wi-Fi. Alas! It was $11 for one hour and $22 for 3 hours.

I thought about giving up … about being OK with staying offline. But no! I did not settle. I started the online chat and told Kayla what happened. What did she say? “I’m really sorry but $14 was the at-home price.”

Again I thought about giving up. I thought … well $22 is still not bad … only another $8. But then I came to my senses! I saw a show around Christmas time and they suggested you ask for the “good guy” discount.

So rather than settling I asked “Are you sure? Perhaps you have a good person discount?” What did she say? “Well, I only have a 50% discount code I could give you.”

I was jumping up and down in my seat (at least as far as my seat belt would let me). And said “thank you very much. I would really appreciate that. With 3 hours, I could accomplish a lot.”

Do you understand? By asking a SECOND time! I paid THREE DOLLARS LESS than the original offer! So how about you? You are negotiating a real estate deal or a business deal. And you ask for a certain price or owner financing or certain terms and they say “no.”

Ask again. Politely. Maybe slightly different words. Like “Are you sure? Is that the best you can do? Is there any way that you could help me help you get rid of this house?”

And then ask again. “Guerrilla Marketing” let me know that you will make the sale about 80
to 90% of the time, if you can figure out how to follow up 8 times. Alan Cowgill, a national trainer on Private Lending and Office Systems, shared with me that he goes out every Friday with his Realtor to look at properties and make offers. And then he makes those SAME offers the same day of the month until the property is sold or his offer is accepted.

I use a combination of calendar dates, and automated mailing (like Send Out Cards) and automation like REI Blackbook (our Coaching students love this).

So what about you? How do you ask a second or third time? How do you follow up until you get the deal?

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