Why You Will Love Doing Short Sales

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Why You Will Love Doing Short Sales

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Article by Jeff Kaller

Negotiating Short Sales is a great way to supplement your income, or even replace your full-time job with a more lucrative and less time-consuming alternative. But the unlimited potential income is just one of many reasons that you’re going to love doing short sales. Here are some other reasons that you may not yet have considered:

The "Win-Win-Win" Situation

When you work with a lender to find an acceptable compromise on a price for a distressed property, you not only are obtaining a great investment property for yourself, you’re also helping a distressed homeowner move on with their life without the burden of a foreclosure on their credit and their mind and helping a lender recoup money that they otherwise might have had to wait months or even years to recover – if they ever recovered it at all! Of course, the investment property for you is the driving motivation here, but the other aspects aren’t so bad either. The other two parties may not thank you every time (if ever), but you are helping them both make the best of a bad situation, and you should feel better about that the more deals you do.

You’re Solving Other People’s Problems

And what’s more, you’re doing it quickly, efficiently and effectively! Obviously, if a person has just agreed to a short sale, their mortgage is not their only problem, but once that particular problem is resolved, their stress-load is ten’s of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of dollars lighter. And that relief can spur them into the next stage of their life where they’ll be able to clean up their messes and start over fresh – and all this without the taint of a foreclosure on their credit.

Reliable, Predictable and Repetitious Results

Once you’ve mastered the art of short sale dealing, you have a permanent source of income in your repertoire. Short sale deals require you to take a certain number of specific steps, factor in certain and specific aspects of a property, then produce and acceptable offer and walk away with your new investment. Not all your offers will be accepted, and you’ll probably turn down some tempting deals because they’re just too risky, but once you know how to spot a good deal and negotiate successfully for it, your potential is limitless! Because there will always be foreclosures (it’s likely that the number will only increase as more and more people take out variable interest loans with rates they won’t always be able to afford) and lenders will always want to recover cold, hard cash.

Feeling Good

I’ve already discussed how you’re helping other people while profiting yourself, but the other thing that’s going to make you feel good is your personal satisfaction in a job attempted and completed well. When you close your first deal, you’re going to feel like you won a marathon, and when you close your twentieth, you’re going to feel even better! Investing in short sales may be a totally new area of endeavor for you, or it may just be a new facet of your real estate investing portfolio, but either way, mastering a new skill and making lots of money at it is incredibly rewarding. And the looks of admiration and even envy on your friends and family’s faces when you break the news that you just doubled your annual income with one or two short sales will be – literally – priceless.

Jeff Kaller is a regular guest speaker at CT REIA. Go here for the current list of upcoming real estate investing seminars in Connecticut.

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