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Create Unlimited Referrals to Your Business Doing What You Love – Part 1


I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day… let’s call her Lana. She was a very successful real estate broker in another part of the world. For the past 3 years, ever since she moved here, her focus has been on raising her 2 children and surviving a divorce, and selling/renting a few houses here and there. Now she is ready to dive into her career….

So we created Operation Prosperity 2013.

The first question I asked her was… how did you become successful so fast before.

The answer? She was so well NETWORKED IN SEVERAL SOCIAL COMMUNITIES that as soon as she got her license, people were calling her right, left, and center to list their house or to find them a house to buy.

Now, here, for all intents and purposes, no one knows who she is and she is starting from scratch.

We then created a plan to BUILD A SOCIAL NETWORK OF REFERRALS:

We identified 3 groups of people or activities she enjoys:

  • She is going to create a new Meetup group
  • She is going to attend one or two networking/social functions per week
  • She is going to set up one or two social meetings a day

In tomorrow’s post, I will share with you why affinity groups work, and how I helped a CT REIA Fast-Track Coaching Student identify hers.

©2013 Linda Baumgarten.

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