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Create Unlimited Referrals to Your Business Doing What You Love – Part 3


Yesterday, I showed you how I helped CT REIA Coaching Student “Joanna” discover 2 affinity groups and then how to start finding people who are in those groups.

Tomorrow, I am going to post you a questionnaire that you can use to do the same thing.

First, why are affinity groups so powerful for marketing?

Have you ever gone to a work function with your spouse? And thought you had landed on a different planet? Every profession has its own words, acronyms (abbreviations), habits, and insider jokes. When you showed up, you had no idea what you were talking about.

So when you go to a social function which is familiar to you, you know the jargon and the stats and the phraseology to use. So even if you have never met these folks before, you will be included in the group very quickly.

So yesterday, we discovered that “Joanna” enjoys ballroom dancing. So when she goes to a ballroom dancing group, she will fit in… and she can let them know that she is looking to buy a house or to buy a multi-family property.

She has an affinity with them, and it is very likely they will remember her when the hear about a house for sale. (And they will remember her more if she follows up with them.)

Does this make sense? Think about the groups you belong to. Do they have a certain jargon, habits, psychology, places they hang out in?

Tomorrow, I will give you a questionnaire to help you identify your niche to accelerate referrals for any type of business.

©2013 Linda Baumgarten.

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