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Farming an Area to Wholesale



Hi Linda,

I just finished listening to Module 2 of Find It, Fix It, Flip It, or Keep It (www.ctreia.com) … and am working on “Farming” an area to wholesale. I am not sure what my priorities should be.

Right now I am looking at a particular neighborhood. I simply chose the area because it’s close to my house but still affordable. Here are the positives and negatives I see so far.


  • Close to my house.
  • The neighborhoods are set up in such a way that the houses are similar for easy comping.
  • Houses range from $150 to $300 retail.


  • Houses are fairly old. Between 50 and a 100 years old. Do flippers want to deal with old houses like this?
  • Many of the houses are 3 bd 1 bath. I’ve heard flippers like houses with 2 or more baths.
  • As I was driving the neighborhood I saw a sign up saying “We Buy Houses” so I know there’s competition.

Any input would really help.

Thanks so much.

Answer from Linda Baumgarten: You’re doing great!

Rehabbers have to like old houses – that is all we have here in CT … lol !

Yes, they much prefer 1.5 to 2 bathrooms… and often they figure out a way to create another bathroom if necessary.

Everything will be reflected in the price … (1.5+ baths will sell faster and for more money).

There is always going to be competition. HINT: Call the “We Buy Houses” signs. Find out what they are looking for… maybe you will find a house for them or maybe you can help them find a buyer for their property.

Talk to a Realtor – find out how long it takes to sell houses in this town (days on market), what is the median price, what style/size/etc is most popular. If houses are selling in this town, everything else you said sounds good!

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