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Finding More Motivated Sellers During The Holidays


Finding ways to distribute your business cards around the holidays may take some thought. Handing them out one by one is a great way to generate interest, however, it can take time. Creating a mailing campaign is a great way to get you services noticed, however, around the holidays people are focused on festivities. When you do a mass mailing, it is crucial that you always enclose a business card and that is great, but chances are it will be put in a drawer for later and then forgotten.

One way to remind potential clients that your services are available is a refrigerator magnet. You may think that it is expensive, but it is not if you do it yourself. Business card sized magnets are available at almost any office supply store for less the twenty dollars. One side already has adhesive on it so all you have to do is attach your business card. Your card will be a reminder to your potential clients.

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