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How to Find Off-Market Deals the Fun Way


Step 1: Walk your dog

Step 1a: Don’t have a dog? Borrow your neighbor’s dog.

Step 1b: Don’t have a dog? Go to your local animal shelter or rescue group and adopt a dog. Your new dog will give you years and years of companionship.

Step 2a: Walk your dog at dusk when the lights should be on. Notice the houses that consistently do not have lights shining.

Step 2b: Walk your dog on garbage day. Notice which houses do not put out garbage on garbage day.

Step 2c: Walk your dog after a snowfall. Notice which houses are not shoveled.

Step 2d: Walk your dog and notice which houses have not been mowed or raked up of leaves or the bushes haven’t been trimmed.

It is amazing what you will notice when you are walking a neighborhood instead of whizzing by in your car.

Step 3: Talk to neighbors of the abandoned house. Dogs, especially cute dogs, are people magnets. People who normally don’t talk to strangers will talk to you because you have a dog. Find out the story about the person who moved out.

You can also talk to delivery people and postal carriers.

Step 4: Research the house

Step 5: Contact the owner using neighbor information or skip tracing.

Step 6: Buy the house before anyone else knows it is for sale!

PS this works with riding your bicycle, walking without a dog, or walking with a cat!

PPS I recently met a guy who lost 40 pounds after he got a dog.

PPPS Feel free to contribute to your favorite rescue group when you buy a house


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