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Insurance Premium


Out With The Old… In With The New: Quit wasting your insurance premium dollars

Still carrying a $500 (or even $1000) deductible on your investment property insurance policy(ies)? Think about it for a moment: Are you apt to file a $700 claim? (Do $700 claims even occur anymore?). Probably not. Therefore, don’t spend premiums on policies with lower deductibles. Increase them and use the savings to help offset larger claims and/or purchase higher liability limits. After a few claims-free years, your savings will usually more than offset the higher deductible. Don’t insure against the "little stuff", insure against the catastrophe.


New Year is a great time to stop and reflect. Not just with your life as you have lived it, but to give thought as to how best you can contribute to the life you have yet to live. Most of us have been humbled by the recent economic debacle and as a result, perhaps we have a greater awareness and sense of appreciation for all that we have in our lives.

Take time to let old, unwanted patterns and habits die and embrace a new approach to your life. Instead of our goals starting with an "I must" spin… incorporate some goals for the betterment of your community.

We have to inspire each other, learn to share our knowledge or else what’s the point if we cannot share and help others.

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