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Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 3)


So, where do you drive your traffic?

Do you send them to your main website? Or do you send them to a landing page (also known as a squeeze page)?

The answer is the latter, and here’s why:

You’ve identified this micro market, but when you send them to your branded website there are too many options, and it’s mostly about you and all the things you do in your business.

If you drive somebody at this stage to your overall website, there’s so much information that it’s too overwhelming for them to take action (except maybe to click off your site and launch Facebook, which is obviously not the desired action).

Whereas, if you send them to a landing page that speaks directly to their problem and offers a specific solution (in the form of a lead magnet) for which they will exchange their email, then you’ve successfully sourced a lead.

After identifying your market, your job is to discover what they want and offer it to them in the form of a lead magnet so that it’s their choice to take action. Get inside their heads. What’s the #1 problem that they have that they’d like solved yesterday? That’s the focus of your lead magnet.

Lead Magnet Examples

  • Special report
  • Educational video
  • Webinars
  • Pricing guides
  • E-book

Let me ask you another question, just to drive home the branded website vs lead page point.

If you have a problem, do you care what brand is solving it?

No! You just want it solved.

If you’re in the desert and you’re thirsty, do you care what kind of drink is offered, whether it be Gatorade, Powerade, or a glass of tap water?

No you don’t, you’ll take whatever’s on hand; you’re thirsty!

That’s why, at this stage in the game, your brand doesn’t matter, the solution does.


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1 thought on “Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 3)”

  1. WRONG Again .. Gees – did who ever wrote this take a marketing class. Or maybe he is just talking about information marketing.

    Every page of your website has to have a primary call to action and up to two secondary calls to action.

    Think about it – Do realtors use landing pages .. NO. They build their credibility and brand and through crafting their message with trust / authority – makes you want to contact them.

    Brand does matter and every real estate investor should have one because that is one of the main ways to stand out in a crowd and be remembered. Not many people want to deal with mom and pop me too investors

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