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Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 4)


Now, once you’ve captured the lead your job remains to educate and motivate the prospect to meet you.

It’s called a follow up campaign, usually done through a series of autoresponders.

This is where we introduce your brand.

At this point we are building trust, establishing credibility, starting a relationship, and showing your unique solutions.

The ideal result of this step is to have built enough of a relationship and established enough rapport to lead to landing the appointment.


This process is a typical marketing funnel, and it’s how the small guy wins. It’s how you will win. And it’s the only way you’ll be to be able to track your results. Because, if you don’t track, you can’t know for sure, and you need to know.

Marketing this way is…

  • Simple
  • Scalable
  • Trainable
  • Repeatable
  • Delegable
  • Systematized
  • Automatable

…And highly effective!

It’s what we at REI BlackBook specialize in so that you can be cherry picking your deals, spending time with family, and removing the shackles of your desk job.

It’s powerful, it works, and it will work for you.

To Your Success,
Damon Remy

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