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Massachusetts 40B Still Subject to Change


Last year, lawmakers attempted to repeal Massachusetts’ affordable housing regulation, known as 40B. It has been the subject of controversy for years. The repeal attempt failed, but the debate continues.

This week, members of the Massachusetts State House submitted legislation that would amend some of the more controversial provisions. State Representatives Garrett Bradley and James Cantwell also testified before a Housing Committee regarding the proposed changes.

If adopted, the legislation would strengthen cost certification policies and set a statewide housing density limit in order to prevent overbuilding. It would also support the creation of a commission that would study the 40B law and make recommendations for improving its efficiency and effectiveness.

Supporters of 40B say it has helped in the creations of 31,000 affordable housing units in a state where living expenses can be extremely high. There’s currently no indication when or if the legislation will be submitted for a full vote of the Massachusetts House, nor if it will be taken up in the Senate.

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