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Millions of Dollars from Real Estate Auctions are Hidden in Government Bank Accounts – And You Can Get a Portion of that Money


There are millions of dollars hidden away in government bank accounts waiting to be claimed.  If that money is not claimed by the deadline it becomes property of the government – FOREVER – and is lost to the government!


In one large county in America there is thirty two million dollars sitting in the government bank accounts waiting to be claimed.   In that particular jurisdiction if that money is not claimed within thirty-six months then the government gets to keep it – forever!  So in that jurisdiction the government transfers nearly three million dollars a month from the holding account into the government operating accounts!  And the people who the money should have been given to have lost it forever!


This is not what you expect – its not from lost bank accounts, unclaimed insurance policies, uncashed checks or unused gift cards.  Everyone knows about those monies and you can easily see them on State Treasurers websites.


Where this money does come from is forced sales of real estate due to unpaid real estate taxes.  Those sales happen every business day in America – in fact 28,000 parcels are offered for sale every business day and over the course of a year five billion dollars is generated from sales of those properties and liens against the properties (both sales of properties and liens can generate overages due to the former owner).


The sad fact is that few people who are owed this money are aware of the money and thus few of them ever get the money.  Instead the government keeps the money.


Why is that?


Simple – because the people owed the money have no idea that the money is waiting for them to claim it.  And since they don’t know about it the deadline to claim it slips by and the money is lost forever to the government.


Why doesn’t the government get these folks their money?  Simple – they have no incentive to find the people owed the money or give it back to them.  There is no budget or department to find the people owed the money and if the people don’t show up to claim the money the government can keep it – forever!  And we all know that governments are short of money these days so they are glad to take the money.


So what does this have to do with you?  Easy – you can help connect the people owed the money with their money – and take a finder’s fee for making that connection!  There are literally millions and millions of dollars waiting to be claimed and you can get a part of that money!


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