Al Lowry

Al Lowry epitomizes the saga of "rags to riches." Dr. Albert Lowry has risen to become America's premier authority on buying bank owned properties. Al spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes, then went on to work in a variety of laborious jobs, from sheet metal laborer to butcher. This made him keenly aware of how much he wanted financial independence. He started out with no money, but he did have a burning desire to succeed, plus plenty of common sense. He began fulfilling his dream by getting his real estate license and learning how to sell property. He listened and learned, then soon figured out that properties could be purchased with no money down. Using this technique, he rapidly began acquiring duplexes and triplexes, and did the routine maintenance himself. He continued building his portfolio and began expanding his method to include leveraging, rehabilitating, and exchanging his investments.

Bob Lachance