Paul Esajian

Paul Esajian, CFO of CT Homes, LLC and Co-Founder of FortuneBuilders Inc. is one of nation's premier young real estate investors and speakers. His ideas for building a business have been used to develop CT Homes into the premier real estate solutions company in Connecticut and the New England area. Paul is an experienced project manager who specializes in personnel management and incentive based motivation for his contractors. Currently, Paul manages over 25 development projects with five teams of over 35 contractors in nine different cities and three different states. Paul and his team are experts on rehabbing houses in today's market. Although Paul's expertise is in managing larger rehabs and multi-unit rehabs of over $50,000 dollars, he has also been responsible for the accounting and companies' financial details since the beginning.

Al Aiello

Throughout his investing career, Paul has been continuously developing unique accounting systems custom to our specific home buying business, as well as contractor systems that have been developed to meticulously manage the numerous contractors and projects. This range of duties has given Paul a wide breadth of knowledge about running an efficient, productive company, from the accounting books in the office to the foundation of a house on site. In addition, Paul has contributed in developing and now managing two branch offices in Fresno, CA and New London, CT that are currently run by students of his company.