Captain Pete Gauthier

Captain Pete was the name given to me by the people of St. Croix, USVI. You see, by profession I have spent 26 years as a commercial airline pilot and for an entire year, I flew twice a week to St. Croix. Vincent, the shuttle driver to the layover hotel at the Carambola Beach Hotel coined the moniker "Capt Pete". It stuck and the island came to know me as such. My wife and business partner Sally and I are both with the airlines (no, we didn't meet that way) and are both at the top of our careers in commercial aviation. After 9/11 the airline business changed forever - the industry lost more money than it had ever earned in total. The employees were left to pick up the pieces. Sally and I came to the conclusion that although we had reached the top of the ladder in aviation, the ladder was up against the wrong tree. That was the impetus to embark on a new journey... that of real estate. Sally and I learned how to rehab houses (the right way) and are both expert in the process. In our first year of investing we managed to renovate 4 houses while maintaining our full time employment. Today, we own and manage one of the most successful real estate investment companies in the region. We also teach other investors how to wholesale real estate.

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