Bob Lachance

Bob Lachance is one of the most successful pre-foreclosure negotiators in the nation. Bob started in the pre-foreclosure business in 2004 and has been teaching other how to buy pre-foreclosure homes since then. Previously he enjoyed a successful career as a professional hockey player. Upon retirement from hockey, Bob joined NSE as an associate responsible for property acquisitions and lender negotiations. Bob quickly became recognized amongst his "team" as NSE's top Loss Mitigator. Bob brought the same determination and work ethic that led to great success in his professional sports career. Bob generated more short sale acceptance letters and loan workouts in a shorter time frame than any other NSE team member before or since. His outstanding performance led to a promotion to Partner in 2005. Since he has been with NSE, Bob has successfully negotiated over 300 short sales and loan workouts nationwide. His focus, combined with his drive to succeed, have been essential to his success as one of the nation's top pre-foreclosure negotiators.

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