Connecticut Real Estate Mastermind Group

The CTREIA Mastermind Group's purpose is to share thoughts, ideas, opinions and information as a collection group of real estate investors. As individuals, we cannot achieve this on our own because our own views are limited, but with a real estate mastermind group, the possibilities for expansive thinking are endless.

Being Successful

To be successful, it is also important to be supportive, and industry-based. When we create a group that is industry-focused in real estate, we gain the ability to see things not only from our own perspective, but also with the collective group experience. This group now gives us the ability to see things from a new and different perspective. It is from that collective process we can tap into new ideas and become better investors.

It was great to be able hear other people's stories and situations.

"I just wanted to say I really LOVED the Mastermind meeting last night. It was both inspiring and informative for me. It was great to be able hear other people's stories and situations. Great to meet new people doing the same thing as myself. Thanks again to you, my biggest source of information and inspiration."
- Mike Fennell / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

Open to CT REIA Members Who

  • Own 4 or more buildings
  • Have been actively investing in real estate for at least 3 years
  • Have completed the CT REIA Coaching Program