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It's Handy To Know A Handyman


Photo courtesy of www.bidvine.com

I have read many books and most of them will tell you to find a good contractor.  This is a piece of good advice.  But, other than a major rehab, you will find that most of your needs can be met by a handyman.

If you are looking to hand most of the duties surrounding unit preparation, look for a "make-ready" service that specializes in all the small tasks. You can search Craigslist for a good handyman who can do a little of everything; like fix a leak, patch a wall, change a toilet, and a lot more. The good thing is they can do it for less than a contractor would charge.

I use a handyman far more than I use a contractor. But, if I need a garage built or anything on that scale, then I will use a contractor. A good handyman will charge $20 per hour or so. I suggest don't go too cheap because you’ll regret it.

In addition, you will find that most contractors don’t want to go to your unit to install a door or something minor like that. Their business really doesn’t support that but a handyman does. I only use licensed Plumbers/HVAC and Electricians for their particular skills. However, for all other things I go for a handyman.