Real Estate Investment Education in Connecticut

One of the greatest benefits of becoming an active member of CT REIA is that you can attend any of the property investment subgroups shown below. We are dedicated to provided quality real estate investment education to our members and guests. These specialized investment groups provide great opportunities to learn all about real estate investing in Connecticut.

CT REIA Subgroups

Here is your chance to learn from fellow investors that are making money, providing affordable housing, and enjoying every minute of their involvement with the real estate business. We invite you to check out the investment groups below and join them if you are interested. These smaller groups are wonderful for business networking and learning more intricate aspects of the real estate business. Membership to the following investment groups is open to CT REIA members only. If you are not already a member, learn how to become a member.

CT REIA has motivated me to start buying again

"As a seasoned real estate investor of 22+ years I can't say enough about this organization. Since I joined 10 months ago it has motivated me to start buying again and I love this business more now than I ever did. I would highly recommend that you attend everything you can."
- Diana Adams / CT REIA Member

CT REIA Coaching Program

The CT REIA Real Estate Coaching Program is for those determined to excel in today's real estate market and blow past all obstacles that stall their efforts to make top dollar. This reputable 6 month program gives investors specific step-by-step insider investment training. This program provides role-playing of real life situations, allows you to participate in mastermind groups, and teaches you how to analyze real estate deals... Learn More

Apartment Owners Association of Connecticut

The Apartment Owners Association of Connecticut, or AOACT, is a subchapter of CT REIA. AOACT meetings and seminars are where Connecticut landlords, property managers, and maintenance professionals can exchange ideas, information, personal experiences and resources. Our goal is for landlords to provide their tenants with outstanding rental properties while maximizing their own business, net worth, and cash flow... Learn More

Women Real Estate Investors Association

The Women's Real Estate Investors Association, or WREIA, is an organization designed specifically to educate, empower and encourage women to invest in real estate. WREIA is one of country's fastest growing and premier real estate investor associations. We promote sound real estate investment principles, responsible property management, and ethical business practices... Learn More

CT REIA Mastermind Group

To be successful, it is also important to be supportive, and industry-based. When we create a group that is industry-focused in real estate, we gain the ability to see things not only from our own perspective, but also with the collective group experience. This group now gives us the ability to see things from a new and different perspective. It is from that collective process we can tap into new ideas and become better investors... Learn More

Deal or No Deal Workshop

The Deal Or No Deal subgroup is free and only open to members of CT REIA. Our panel of seasoned investors will help you analyze and structure your deals. This workshop will help you avoid bad deals and make the profitable deals happen. Attend this event even if you don't have a deal right now, and learn how to analyze your future real estate deals... Learn More

Fairfield County REIA

Although you will find investors from Fairfield County at all of our events, the strong demand to bring the benefits of CT REIA to lower New Haven and Fairfield County can no longer be overlooked. With the highest per capita income in the nation Fairfield County, often referred to as the "Gold Coast", offers real estate professionals unique opportunities that require a different approach. Each meeting will highlight topics by local experts and offer hands-on workshops to bring your investing career to the next level... Learn More

Connecticut Real Estate Rehab Open Houses

The Connecticut Real Estate Rehab subgroup gives our members a chance to show off their rehab projects. Sometimes the house is completed and sometimes it is almost finished. If you have been watching A&E's "Flip This House" and want to learn more about flipping houses, these events are for you... Learn More

Ski and Snowboarding Team

The CT REIA Ski & Snowboard Team is all about fun. Every year we get together a team of investors to hit the slopes and get to know each other a little better. There's no better way to get to know your fellow investors than to spend a day on the mountain! After a day of skiing or boarding you'll enjoy relaxing and having a wonderful dinner, listening to a live band, giving out awards, and offering raffle prizes... Learn More