Real Estate Rehab Open Houses in Connecticut

Have you been watching Flip This House and wondering if you can do the same thing? Are you currently renovating properties and want to see what other people are doing right here in Connecticut? Want to know if you can really sell a house in this market? Wonder how to finance a rehab? Want to learn all about rehabbing real estate in Connecticut?

You Will Learn This and Much More By Attending Each CT REIA Rehab Open House

This open house gives our members a chance to show off their rehab projects. Sometimes the house is completed and sometimes it is halfway through. You will be able to see before pictures and the actual after project.

Every Open House is Different

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • How did they find the project
  • Why did they decide to buy it
  • What did they rehab - what did they decide NOT to rehab
  • What worked
  • What did not work
  • How did their budget match up with actual costs
  • How did they find/manage contractors
  • How did they stage the house
  • How are they marketing the property for sale
  • Time management
  • Where did they find the money

The good news is that many of the projects end up being sold within 30 days of completion (and often much sooner).

Do you have a rehab project you want to showcase? Just send up an email at