Make $10k Without Buying a Property

Meeting Agenda

Our monthly meeting takes place on the 3rd Monday of each month. Our normal schedule is as follows:

5:45 - 6:00
Networking with Vendors
Meet with the companies who truly understand real estate investors
6:00 - 6:30
Early Bird Workshop
Dissect THE Deal Of The Month w/ The Coaches
6:30 - 7:00
Networking & Deals
Exchange ideas with 150 Real Estate Entrepreneurs You Can Do Business With
7:00 - 7:15
Member Deals & Raffle
Hear About Off Market Deals Offered By Our Members
7:00 - 9:00
Speaker / Main Program

Learn How To Wholesale Without Investing Your Own Money

    Learn How Wholesaling Works Today

   What You Need To Get Started

   How To Spot The Right Property

   How To Make The Right Offer

   How To Put a Property Under Contract At No Risk To You

   How To Find The Cash Buyers

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Want To Make Money In Real Estate But Don't Want To Risk Your Own Money?

Learn How To Wholesale Deals Without Buying The Property

Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway Meriden, CT 06450

May 15th, 2017
5:45 pm - 9:00 pm

General Admission

Members: FREE
Additional Members: FREE
Not-Yet-Members: $30

6pm Workshop: Inside a Renovation

Monday Night Workshop

7pm: How to Make $5,000-$10,000 in the Next 30 Days

Everyone knows that wholesaling is the quickest and easiest way to put cash in your pocket in the real estate business. But do you really understand how wholesale deals work? What practices can make them legal, or illegal? How your buyers look at deals, and what they absolutely hate about wholesalers? Or even how to find great deals in the seller’s market of 2015?

Vena Jones-Cox does, and at our May 15th meeting, she’ll share what you need to know to earn $5,000-$15,000 in the next 30 days right here in West Hartford. Attend, and you’ll discover:

  • How wholesaling works today, and what you need to do to get started right now
  • Which properties in which areas make for the most profitable, easiest-to-sell wholesale deals
  • How to make the right offer—the one that will make you $5,000 or more in cash—every time
  • How to put a property “under contract” in a no-risk way that allows you to get out if you can’t sell the deal
  • How to find tons of anxious cash buyers for your deals
  • How to get your cash up front, before the closing, and never have to buy a wholesale deal before you sell it!

Vena is well known for her ability to simplify tough concepts so that even a brand-new investor can easily grasp them, and for the incredible amount of information she packs into her presentations. So bring a notepad, bring a friend, and get to this meeting—it will change your financial life forever!

Vena Jones-Cox has been a full-time real estate investor since 1989. She’s wholesaled over 600 properties, and has written the definitive homestudy program on how to flip properties quickly and easily. She’s the past president of the National Real Estate Investors Association and has appeared in Money Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Smart Money, and a host of other national publications.

Four Points Sheraton | 275 Research Parkway Meriden, CT 06450