Property Management Secrets: 2-Part Series

Manage Your Properties Better While Putting $14k Extra In Your Pocket Within 6 Months

    How to locate & purchase profitable properties

   Achieve maximum occupancy at higher rental rates

   Manage your properties head-ache & hands free

   2-Part Series

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Worried About Landlord Headaches & Charging Premium Rent In Your Area?

Go Skiing...Go Boating...Take a vacation! Yes, you too can collect your rents while skiing in Colorado...or from the sandy beaches of the Caribbean!

Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway Meriden, CT 06450

September 27th, 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

October 4th, 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Property Management Secrets

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2-Part Series: Sept 27th and Oct 4 - 6p-9p

The WORKSHOP EVENT You Must-Attend to Discover Secrets that Can Put at Least $14,000 Extra in Your Pocket in 6 Months and Even More Every Year From Now On, AND Eliminate Your Need for “Pain-Killers’ Due to Property-Management Headaches!

Breeze Through Years of Study, Hundreds of Books, CD’s, Manuals and Courses in Just 2 Jam Packed Evenings...I’ve Cut the Fat & Put All the Meatiest, Juiciest Information & Resources You Need Together to Start Where You Are and Buy & Manage Properties Like We Do – For Maximum Rental Maximum Occupancy, Maximum Profits, Zero Headaches and Virtually Hands-FREE!

We’re Going to Show You How to Eliminate the Headaches & Hassles and Go Hands-FREE – Too often landlords pick up the rent in person; big mistake. Property owners put up with tenants not paying rent; not anymore. Investors have “undesirables” in their building; eliminate this hassle. Toilets break in the middle of the night; they should NOT call you! What happens if you’re sued because of improper maintenance? We’ll show you how to avoid this huge headache and many more so you can enjoy the sweet, wealth building benefits of property ownership. We’ll show you how to run it like a business, hands and headache-FREE!

The “Property Management Secrets” WORKSHOP Will Help You:

Actually Raise Rent Collections, Profits, Cash flow & Property Value – Instead of lowering rents to attract tenants. We’ll show you the secret techniques to doing this successfully. This single step will add thousands to your in-come immediately. The “Board of Advisors” Home Inspector, who will be at the Workshop, will give insight in this area.
Avoid or Eliminate Trips to Housing Court – This secret will save you hundreds of dollars each year and save you even more stress, headaches and valuable time. Lead-paint issues, eviction hassles, the government’s pro-tenant attitude means more problems for you unless you know how to eliminate these issues all together. The “Board of Advisors” Attorney, who will be at the Workshop, will give insight in this area as he knows the Connecticut laws regarding real estate very well.
Best in the Business “Property Management Secrets” Workshop
Eliminate Maintenance Calls in the Middle of the Night – If you give an inch they’ll take a mile and run you ragged if you let them. We’ll show you how to wipe away this huge property manager headache and keep tenants happier than ever before. The CT REIA experts will show you how at the Workshop
Manage Your Business in 4 Hours a Week – Imagine generating thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in income each week and still only spending 4 hours a week managing all of it. We’ll show you the insider secret systems and processes to make this happen for you like it has for me and others. This means more fun, more family time, more freedom to live a great life with the benefits of investment property income
Confidence to Acquire Other Buildings – We’ll show you how to go from one property to multiple properties worth millions! Once people discover this secret, they become wealthy beyond reason. This is a million-dollar secret. This event could help you break through to the next level of investment success
Reduce Expenses to Increase Cash flow – If you currently own property, I could save you more money than the cost of the event in the first few weeks of using these secrets to slashing overhead and expenses. Attending this event could help you save 15% or more in monthly expenses so you can pocket that money. The “Board of Advisors” CPA who will be at the Workshop will give in-sight in this area
Reduce Vacancy With Tenant-Paying People to Increase Cashflow – My properties are always more fully occupied than most property owners because of this powerful secret we’ll teach you. This secret is worth $700 - $1,500/mo. times multiple units – easily worth more than the cost of this event in the first few weeks of using it. Stop letting vacancies cost you so much money; attend this event to learn how. The experts presenting this information have worked with 100s of investors, landlords, and property managers so they understand this business. We are here to help you avoid mistakes, save money and increase profits.