Fairfield County REIA Meeting

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Fairfield County REIA Meeting

February 6, 2013 - 7:00 to 9:00 pm
DoubleTree by Hilton
789 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT

CT REIA Member: Free
AOA and Non-Members: $25

Creative Financing Deals in Fairfield County

This month's meeting is featuring successful creative deals in Fairfield County and even in New York.

Hear how our members have rehabbed, wholesaled, and found apartments for long term hold.

Laura Abbott, CT REIA Coaching Graduate will be sharing her experience of investing in Fairfield and Westchester.

Laura AbbottShe was featured on CNN. Laura Abbott, is a mother of 5, grandmother of one, actively investing in real estate since 2010, (although she's been rehabbing her own family's homes for over 25 years). With the help of the CT REIA Coaching Program, and taking massive action, she has bought/fixed/flipped, wholesaled, and held over 15 properties, currently managing several "doors". She has borrowed over half a million dollars of private money and have other lenders waiting for her to find them projects.

She spends at least one hour a day reading/listening to real estate and she attends as many trainings as she can to increase her knowledge in real estate. Her goal for 2013 is to flip 2 houses, get control of 10 single-family houses and increase her holdings by 20 rental units.

Come find out how she is doing it!

Bridgeport Single Family Rehab

real estate rehab project in Bridgeport, CT

Discover how you can do it too.

Also, meet sponsors who provide real estate services in Fairfield County.

Listen in as we share real estate statistics for this area.

real estate investors in Fairfield County, CT real estate investors in Fairfield County, CT

Bring your business cards, deals, and your team of professionals.. The FCREIA events are exciting nights where deals are made. Exchange ideas, ressources and leads.

Although you will find Fairfield County investors at all of the CT REIA events, the strong demand to bring the benefits of CT REIA to lower New Haven and Fairfield County can no longer be overlooked. With the highest per capita income in the nation Fairfield County, often referred to as the "Gold Coast", offers real estate professionals unique opportunities that require a different approach. Each meeting will highlight topics by area experts and offer hands-on workshops to bring your investing career to the next level.

Businesses advance when like-minded individuals come together to share experiences. Claim your share of this shifting market by networking with the Fairfield County's best investors, vendors, and educators. This is guaranteed to be an exciting event where alliances will be made deals will be plentiful.

Doubletree by Hilton
789 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT

February 6th, 2013
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fairfield County REIA Meeting

Members: $25
Members: FREE
Not-Yet-Members: $25