Joe Metcalfe: Wholesaling, Reverse Wholesaling, Access to Cash Buyers

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Joe Metcalfe: Wholesaling, Reverse Wholesaling, and Access to Cash Buyers!

Joe Metcalfe February 2, 2013. 9:00 am to 3:30 pm
Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

CT REIA Members

Thinking of going? Listen to this right now!

Back By Popular Demand!

Joe Metcalfe, from Flip This House and Memphis Invest, is conducting a workshop FOR YOU on Saturday February 2nd

Wholesaling, Reverse Wholesaling, and Access to Cash Buyers!


Monday’s Meeting was Wall to Wall!
And Joe Metcalfe gave out so much information,
Pencils were breaking!

So I twisted his arm... and Joe canceled his Weekend to come back up here to make sure we have ALL the knowledge we need to WHOLESALE real estate.

If you did not attend last Monday’s meeting, Joe revealed a breakthrough strategy called Reverse Wholesaling. He broke it down into simple steps but did not have enough time to go into them in detail.

Reverse Wholesaling Means You Get the Orders FIRST And Then Find the Real Estate to Fill Them.

WOW! This is an amazing concept that takes the guesswork out of wholesaling.

How does it work?
Well, that is why you MUST attend the workshop next Saturday. He is going to show us the “ins” and “outs” of talking to buyers, talking to sellers, and connecting them for big profits to you.

AND ... Joe showed us how to get access to a list of all Nationwide Cash Buyers. (These are people around the country who have bought properties for ALL CASH in the past year.)

Most real estate investors don't even know this list exists.

The list is INSANELY valuable...and on Saturday, Joe is going to show you a system that his business partner a very good friend of mine developed that Real Estate investors can use to market to this list.

On Saturday February 2nd, Joe Metcalfe will show you how to get all the data within a couple clicks of your mouse. Literally, within seconds you can have access 150,000 NEW cash buyers every month.

He’s even going to show you how to use the CASH BUYERS and turn around and quickly flip them properties using his “Reverse Wholesaling” method.

Register below: It will make your business 1,000 times easier.

This list is better than ANYTHING that you can do marketing wise to build a buyers list. It’s INSANT, done for you, and MASSIVELY effective.

Take it from me, when you sell to a cash buyer the game is EASY!

  • No long drawn out closings
  • No beating your head against the wall trying to get buyers qualified
  • Seasoning...who doesn't matter when you have a CASH BUYER
  • Realtor Fees? Not now...see you later my friend. Catch you on the next property
  • This is a list of people who ACTUALLY have money!
  • Double closings...made a heck of a lot easier when the buyer has cash

I just looked at the closings of CT REIA Members and Coaching Students this year and BY FAR...the easiest and most profitable ones were all done with CASH BUYERS!!

On Saturday, Joe is going to give us a LIVE DEMO of the software and show us how to get access to this list!

It's real...and the source is being revealed on Saturday February 2nd!

Just click here to register for this event (by the way, bring business cards because you can meet cash buyers right there!)

No matter what area of the country you want to invest in, this is how you get INSTANT ACCESS to one of the most valuable lists of ALL TIME!! (In fact, a CT REIA member invested in this list because he is moving to Georgia and he wants to get his hands on cash buyers INSTANTLY!

Here’s what you will discover:

- Step By Step: how a Wholesale Deal is Structured

- Step By Step: how to Execute Kent Clothier's Strategy of Reverse Wholesaling

- Building Your Team To Leverage Other People and Technology to Duplicate Your Business - DO MORE DEALS

- Marketing To Find Motivated Properties and Deals that are Pennies on the Dollar That You can Sell to Cash Buyers in less than 7 days!!

- Communicating and Negotiating with Motivated Sellers - Creating Huge Profits, while providing a great Service to Sellers

- Communicating to Sellers over the phone on the initial conversation and also at the appointment. Getting the Deal UNDER CONTRACT.

- Going Through the Contract - How it works using contracts with sellers and buyers.

- In Depth approach to Marketing for Cash Buyers - and Building YOUR BUYER LIST

- Relationship Building with Cash Buyers - Creating Your REPEAT CLIENT

- Evaluating Deals - Knowing how to structure offers based on Profit potential.

- Making offers to Motivated Sellers and Selling the Property to Buyers - Wholesale Deal Case Studies

- Live Demo of the Cash Buyer System - How it works and how it can grow you Buyer's List Instantly!

What are you waiting for? Register Right Now ... and Be Prepared to Make Profits Easily!

Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway. Meriden, CT

February 2nd, 2013
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Joe Metcalfe Weekend Seminar

Members: $29
Not-Yet-Members: $39