2 Day Millionaire Summit

Best In the Business Series: 2-Day Millionaire Summit

Reggie Brooks Al Lowry June 1 and 2, 2013. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

CT REIA & AOACT Members: $59
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  • This event will feature a Live Hands-on Teaching Class with Dr. Albert Lowry in person. He only presents these training sessions a few times a year and this is the LAST Northeast Class of the year; so don't miss this rare opportunity. The class is usually $995, but because you are CT REIA members, you can attend this event for $99.00! (VIP Special)
  • This special training is designed to HELP YOU PROFIT in today's market! Dr. Lowry will teach you how to acquire real estate with no cash or credit and make HUGE profits! That's right. Come LEARN how to find real deals, to estimate a purchase price, then creatively finance the purchase or "Flip" the deal to another investor. LEARN the basics of contracting the repairs, architecturally modifying properties for greater profits and then, how to get the most for a home when you sell.


Learn Step-by-Step how you too can start living your life with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. We start with the basics of property finding. This is a major eye opener!! Most people could never imagine so many great methods of finding great deals. Then I take you into the advanced techniques of property finding that only seasoned professionals know about. You will be using these methods right from the start to buy and hold or flip SUPER BARGAINS. Next, you will learn exactly how much to offer for a property so you know you have a bargain. This makes you a professional. A true bargain hunter!! $$$ Spend the LEAST amount of money and get the BIGGEST profits!!! $$$

Finally, you will learn how to sell or "flip" a deal using proven methods to get the highest price for your house. This is where knowing how to get the most for the home and how to save on closing costs will add up to thousands of extra dollars to buy cars, vacations, homes and education for you and your family. Remember, once you know how to fix and flip properties, you have a way of making big money that will give you Financial Independence.

Al Lowry - "How Your Mindset and My Technique Will Make You Rich in Today's REAL ESTATE Market!"

Al LowryFinancial independence is within your grasp, and you can get started today

Can this be true? The fact is, over time, real estate investment returns outpace stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any savings accounts. In America alone, 85% of wealthy Americans built their fortunes through real estate, many starting out with just some basic principles, determination, and a mindset for success. What does this mean for you?

If you're determined that you want to be successful, then I can help you learn my simple formula that is the key to your wealth building. I promise you, if you are serious about succeeding and can follow some basic guidelines, then you are already well underway to joining those who are enjoying financial independence. Let me explain.

  • Even if you have never owned a single piece of property in your life, my system will turn you into a pro quickly!
  • If you own your own home and have gotten a taste for the pleasure of real estate ownership, I will show you how to think much, much bigger and acquire a profitable real estate portfolio. Whether you just want extra income, or you want to be a full-time investor, the choice is yours to make.
  • If you're already a real estate investor, you've seen the possibilities. Now, I'll show you how to really get into the game and find out where the real money is. You'll find funding for down payments on houses and multi-family buildings, for closing costs, to renovate and upgrade your existing properties, to help your tenants pay you, to pay your mortgages, plus many more cash resources you can tap into.

But Aren't We in a Down Market for Real Estate Right Now?

These are the times that smart real estate investors wait and wish for. Small thinkers panic and bail out, while savvy investors see boundless opportunities. Prices are low, interest rates are way down, bargains are plentiful, and you can set your own terms. This perfect storm of an ideal investor's market may never happen again. The big-profit deals are yours for the taking, if you just know how. In my free videos, I will reveal to you what you need to do first.

Did You Know That...

  • This is the perfect time for real estate investment. Prices are low, and we're right on the cusp of a period of equity growth.
  • Real estate is limited. There will never be more, even as another 2 billion people populate the earth in the near future. Demand is always increasing, so you know what this means for prices and profitability.
  • Millions of people get money every year to invest in real estate.
  • Optimism in the economy and in the real estate market is on the rise. This historically has led to growth and price increases.
  • 3.6 million properties in the US are distressed or foreclosed. These are deep-discount bargain opportunities for your!
  • Real estate is a tangible, true asset. You own something real, which can't disappear according to market whims.
  • The current conditions of low interest rates and steadily increasing inflation are the ideal conditions during which you want to be acquiring real estate.
  • 25 of the richest billionaires in America made their money from real estate, and real estate investment creates more millionaires every day.

Can This Work for Regular People?

Are you too busy earning a living, to actually make money? There's nothing wrong with working hard to make an honest living, but it's not the way to get rich. Isn't it time that you started making yourself rich, for a change? I won't kid you though - you do initially have to do some work and put your heart into making it change. Good news is, if you follow my instructions and stay determined, it can and will happen for you.

Who I Am and Why You Should Listen To Me

My name is Dr. Albert Lowry. I've been recognized as the man who engineered the technique that the other real estate gurus have modeled to build large real estate empires, make millions, and also teach others, all using the methods they learned from me. I became known as the "experts' expert" because a number of famous experts started out as my students, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Russ Whitney, Robert Shemin, Robert Allen, Carlton Sheets, Ron LeGrand, well, you get the idea. I'm generally a modest guy, but I think you should know about all the kind words others have had for me because it helps you make an informed choice. Many thousands of everyday people have credited me with their new success and financial freedom, and have told me I changed their lives for the better.

I'm proud of the many people I've helped over the years, but the best reward for me is helping those who are skeptical but willing and hard-working, and then seeing them achieve the level of wealth they dreamed of, and deserve.

You Will Learn

  • How to make offers on shadow inventory (bank-owned property that the bank has not yet listed with a Realtor)
  • How to buy real estate below market value
  • Why the bank's loss is your gain
  • How to locate distressed properties
  • How to research and evaluate foreclosure properties
  • How to calculate your profits
  • And much more

Dr. Albert Lowry is a New York Times Bestselling author of "How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate." "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki says of Dr. Lowry, "... More than making me rich, your program gave me my freedom. Thank you!" Real Estate guru Ron LeGrand says, "Albert Lowry's new training program is marvelous ... It is the Real Estate Bible needed by everyone ...." During his talk, Dr. Lowry will share excerpts from his course for real estate investors.

And... there is more! The Number One Abandoned Property Specialist in North America!

Reggie BrooksStarting out with very little money, Reggie began his investment career in 1986. After taking a few real estate investment courses, he began investing in rental properties in Los Angeles. He quickly replaced his telephone company income of $3,000 per month with over $4,200 per month from a few well-placed investments, becoming financially independent within his first year of investing.

Today, Reggie delivers his personal philosophies for success at major business venues and expositions throughout the United States. Reggie has also exploded as thee expert on "Abandoned Property Specialist" in the world.

Dear Future Millionaire,
My good friend Dr. Al Lowry, also known in real estate investment circles as "The Godfather" of creative real estate, asked me to make you aware of a very special limited offer. Dr. Al and I have been working together for years to instruct literally thousands of students to achieve financial freedom. On Saturday And Sunday, June 1st & 2nd Dr. Al, myself and several other members of our Financial Freedom Team will come together to teach ordinary people how to capitalize on this changing real estate market - yes, you can still make big money - especially now!

What People are saying...

Our very own CT REIA founders and coaches got their most incredible start with DR Albert Lowry.... Their real-estate career started quickly where they acquire seven building in their first year, "All' with non of their own money! They rose to the high one thousand apartments and commercial properties. (yep... right here in CT)

Discover How You Can Make $10,000 In CASH In The Next 60 Days In A Live 2-Day Millionaire's Summit

You'll Also Learn How To Keep The Money You Make through legal, ethical and moral tax and asset protection strategies that the IRS allows. Yes, in this time of economic turmoil, you WILL PAY more in taxes. One of our experts who is an attorney will make sure you protect yourself and pay as little as possible. In these times you Absolutely Need This Training!

At this exciting educational event you will learn how to:

  • How to buy with No Money Down, No Credit, no loan apps or payments
  • How to locate and buy Undervalued Properties
  • How to find, buy and sell Pre-foreclosures and Foreclosures
  • How to find and get Government Grants and buy at Government Auctions
  • How to effectively deal with real estate agents and real estate brokers
  • How to minimize taxes on your wholesale deals
  • The 10 Best Ways to find low-priced properties and sell them for high profits
  • How to fix up your properties without needing a ton of money and credit
  • How to inspect and estimate repairs
  • What to offer to guarantee your profit
  • How to find eager cash buyers for your deals
  • How to get to the closing and get paid $5,000-$10,000 cash without a dime out of your pocket
  • How to be an ethical wholesaler
  • How to create a great retirement plan, even if you're over 65 and haven't started yet
  • How to build a cash-flowing investment business in no time, starting with just pennies
  • And Much, Much More...

This special training is designed to HELP YOU PROFIT in good times or bad! We'll focus on giving YOU the knowledge and ability to buy houses the right way, do quick repairs and then sell them for BIG profits! You'll learn this through detailed instructions.


Learn "Step by Step" how you too can start living your life with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. We'll start with the basics of property finding. This is a major "eye opener"!! Most could never imagine so many methods of finding great deals.

We'll Teach You How To Become A SUPER-INVESTOR!!

Then we'll take you into the advanced techniques of property finding that only seasoned professionals know about. You'll be using these methods right from the start to buy and hold or flip SUPER BARGAINS. Next, you'll learn exactly how much to offer for a property so you know you have a bargain. This makes you a professional. A true bargain hunter!!

Never Waste Your Time On Making An Offer That Won't Make You Money!!

In this intensive professional TRAINING you'll learn to take it one step further. You'll ask for, and many times receive an additional discount on the purchase price, simply because you asked. But you must know exactly how to ask. That is the secret! Once you know this, the sky is the limit!!!

You Can Make THOUSANDS IN CASH Every Time You Do It!!!

To get started investing, we need to find the money. This is sometimes the most creative part. This is also where we spend a great deal of time. Every deal needs financing. The right financing makes you rich, the wrong financing kills the deal! You'll know how to finance right. After our hands-on training you will have an arsenal filled with strategies on how to tie up a property and flip it for a profit without ever spending a dime of your own money.


Also, you'll learn how to architecturally or cosmetically repair a home to get the biggest return on the repairs needed. The art and science of making houses beautiful can be taught, and you will learn in only a fraction of the time it would take if you tried it on your own, house by house, in the field. LEARN to add value to a house, not just basic repairs, that make the building worth far more than others in the neighborhood.

$$$ Spend The Least Amount Of Money And Get The "BIGGEST" Profits!!! $$$

Finally, you'll learn how to sell or "flip" a deal using proven methods to get the highest price for your house. This is where knowing how to get the most for the house and how to save on costs (the closing costs) will add up to thousands of extra dollars to buy cars, vacations, homes and education for you and your family.

Remember, once you know how to fix and flip properties, you have a way of making big money that will give you FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!


You may just want to do one deal here and one deal there. If you do this, you may only make a little $20,000 profit on this house and a little $25,000 profit on that house. I guess that wouldn't be so bad. What would you do with an extra $20,000 and $25,000? Then, of course, you might get really excited about this easy business and do 5 or 10 or even 25 to 50 deals. How would that change your life? I assure you, you CAN do this!!! Every important step to being a success in this business is included. You truly will have the knowledge of a Professional Investor.

A little more of what you'll learn:

  • How to use all forms of creative financing to secure that money-making deal
  • How to locate, acquire, sell and become wealthy by dealing with abandoned properties
  • How to make big money on properties you don't even own
  • How to make big money on over-encumbered properties
  • How to take over any mortgage without a due-on-sale violation
  • How to have sellers paying you to take their properties off their hands
  • How to create a buying frenzy for your properties!

P.S. I promise you, after these incredible days of training, you'll understand and be able to take advantage of the trends that can start you on your path to financial freedom with real estate. (You'll also meet some great people and have a little fun along the way!)

P.P.S. Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or brand new to the game, there is information you'll be getting here that you won't find anywhere else.

Make An Additional $3-4K Per Month On eBay

Chris BowserChris Bowser has bought and sold tensx of thousands of products over the internet. Starting 8 years ago selling products on eBay as a hobby, Chris has teamed up with his brother Adam to develop a hand’s off system for making money on eBay. Just 8 years ago, Chris and Adam had no eBay experience whatsoever. They were introduced to the internet business and started buying and reselling products all over the world. They have sold all kinds of products including clothing, software, electronics, cars and jewelry.

Chris and his brother Adam started selling sneakers and stuff around the house. It was really just a short period of time until it grew to all different types of products. Very quickly they realized how easy it was to generate such large profits in their spare time. Soon Chris was selling 30 to 40 products a week bringing in $2,500 per week working part time. Utilizing his internet expertise, he expanded to buying and selling products all across the country for resale on eBay. In just 3 1/2 years he created a monthly positive cash flow that he had never dreamed possible. Over the last 8 years Chris and his company has sold millions of dollars of products over the internet.

  • How To Create an additional $3,000 - $4,000 per month working part time on the side and on your own schedule!
  • How to List eBay auctions that drive tons of motivated buyers to your auctions, to your eBay store and to your website!
  • What products you can sell on eBay that will generate your biggest profits and give you huge profit margins.
  • 24 ways to find hidden products that are around your life everyday, to sell on eBay!
  • How to build endless buyers for your real estate deals so that you can sell all of your properties!
  • How to flip real estate on eBay with ease!
  • How to capitalize on the biggest cash flow opportunity in the world!
  • What are the hot top products that are selling best on eBay Right Now.

Jam packed event filled with information you can use to make money now in this economic market! I will show you how you have products sitting all around your house that you can make money on eBay with!

What People Are Saying

Robert Shemin - CT REIA Expo Presenter
"Dr. Albert Lowry has probably helped more people get started and be successful in the Real Estate industry than almost anyone else. His material is fantastic and has helped me immediately."

Chris Johnson - CT REIA Expo Presenter
"Thanks to what you taught my wife Nicky & I, in both Real Estate investing and Government Grant Funding programs, we have increased our net worth by over $4,500,000. We now own several income producing properties, have zero debts, the mortgage on our million dollar home is paid off, and we can live comfortably and securely on the monthly cashflow we receive from our properties and mortgages. We are truly indebted to you, for your generous training, help and mentoring over the years. This, is a long way from where we started. When we first met you, we did not own any real estate, not even our home, and had over $50,000 in credit card debt. Thank You!"

Robert kiyosaki
"As you may know, your course has had a long and lasting impact upon my life. More than make me rich, your program gave me my freedom. Thank you!"

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Books, Video Cameras, Tools and More! And a 7 Day Cruise to the Caribbean (Value $2000+) to one lucky attendee!

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cdDr. Al Lowry: Understanding Creative Financing...

This Brand New CD is so full of information, you will want to listen to it multiple times.

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Featured Testimonial

"I have a certificate from a Lowry Seminar from 1984. I purchased an owner finance property within a couple of months after taking the seminar with my parents (I found and negotiated the deal at 19 years old). We made a profit of 19k on that property. Just imagine what that would be in 2013 dollars!" Eric

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Four Points Sheraton
275 Research Parkway. Meriden, CT

June 1st, 2013
9:30 am - 6:00 pm

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