Become a CT REIA Volunteer

If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer, please read on to see what volunteering for this growing organization can do for you and to determine in what areas you would like to contribute. You must be a CT REIA member to become a volunteer. We ask, also, that you keep in mind that volunteers are often a newcomer’s first impression of the organization. Please be courteous, prompt, and professional at all times. There are many areas volunteers are utilized: Registration, Set up, Audio/Visual Support, Promotion, Membership Subgroups.

CT REIA Volunteers

CT REIA volunteers are the elite among our membership, the ones willing to go one step further. Behind the scenes and at every meeting or event, they play a vital part in the association’s future, commitments, events and sense of community.

CT REIA will continue to contribute to the vitality of the volunteer program by providing diverse and satisfying volunteer opportunities.

In a spirit of partnership, it will help enrich and extend the services of volunteers by creating new connections between the Association and the volunteers regardless of ability, level or length of commitment.

The CT REIA Volunteer Program will attempt to educate individuals as they contribute and make a difference. The program will also assist members by broadening their visions and understanding of the Association. It will enable access to numerous networking opportunities and unlimited valuable friendships.

Are you interested in getting involved as a volunteer? It's simple! Contact us (or email and Nicole will be in touch with you!

I like meeting new people.

"I like meeting new people and getting to know our members and interact with people. I like to get to know who our members are."
- Anna Boose / CTREIA Volunteer