Our members, vendors, and volunteers are what make CTREIA the amazing association that it is today. We are one of the best real estate investors network in the Northeast. We love sharing our expertise with others, and our members love the experience and knowledge they receive.

See What Our Members Have to Say

We would not be where we are today without your coming into our lives

"Hello Linda, Joanne, and Lou, Happy New Year to you all! Marguerite and I really appreciate your support, guidance, mentorship, and occasional reprimand :) . We would not be where we are today without your coming into our lives. We still have a lot of growing to do (mindset, process, etc.). So we are look forward to continued growth and learning in the months and years to come. Thanks for all that you do for the REI community. "
- Paul & Marguerite

I'm so impressed with how helpful people have been...

"I just want to say thank you to your group. I've been to 2 meetings and I'm so impressed with how helpful people have been. It seems like you won't be alone, someone will help you with something. Thank you Nicole for helping me today. So glad I ran into your booth at the Hartford Show. Thanks again and have a nice day."
- Wayne Turi

Thank you for the education and services provided to members

"Just wanted to say thank you not only for the education but for the services provided to members. I can't begin to think of the money I just saved by utilizing the tenant screening membership benefits of CTREIA. I ran a background check on a potential tenant and discovered Seven convictions. Needless to say, we didn't rent to him. Thank you CTREIA!"
- Laura Abbott / CTREIA Member

Being in that class made me realize I really can do this...

"Thanks... yes, I did go to all of the sessions. I found them to be very helpful in bringing things together for me as far as information that I picked up in other courses. It was not only the information that was useful, but also being there with others who were also just starting out. It was valuable in that you challenged us to take action - I realized that just taking small steps will lead you to where you want to go if you are consistent. There was something about being in that class that made me realize, "I can really do this." Without that conviction, no matter how good the information you have, nothing will happen.

The relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere certainly contributed to a feeling of confidence that I did not have before. Because of this class, I decided to take action which led to the call from the woman with the house in Naugatuck. Whether anything will come of this I don't know, but I do know that this is the first time I ever spoke to a motivated seller. In the past, I would not have had the nerve to even return her call... Thanks to you and Joanne and Lou... you guys are the BEST. It is so obvious that you sincerely want to help others be successful. That means everything. We are lucky to have you - I mean that sincerely!"
- L. Brown / CTREIA Member

I was on the edge of my seat...

"I was on the edge of my seat during the CTREIA Landlording Seminar. I've been in the landlording business for over ten years and what I learned in one night on making Landlord-Tenant laws work in my favor will improve my business and save me a lot of money and headaches down the road. I would recommend this class to all new and experienced landlords."
- Dawn Zukowski / Turtle Bay Properties, LLC

Keep up the good work.

"The Nuts & Bolts stuff is great - keep up the good work! Thanks again."
- Pete / CTREIA Member

So many relevant, in-depth programs for all levels of investors

"So many relevant, in-depth programs for all levels of investors. Also a format that makes networking easy, in helping to identify the different types of investors, and the geographic areas they cover."
- Joan Moore / CTREIA Member from MA

I can focus on real estate full time.

"The Find, Fix & Flip workshops have been awesome and have gotten me off and running. Just getting my under-performing property straightened out has been a huge relief. Since then I have been started many marketing strategies: mail, emails, business card drops, website, LinkedIn ... and the phone is beginning to ring! Plus I moved in a new tenant ... screened the right way ... and have 100% occupancy. Additionally, I have stopped taking on new architecture & carpentry jobs so I can focus on real estate full time. Thank you for all you have done and the interest you have taken in my personal real estate education."
- Shawn Mohovich / Rehabber and Architect, New Haven, CT

I was very impressed by this group

"I just wanted to say I was very impressed by this group. I thought you were all great. I signed up that night to be a member. I look forward to seeing everyone again at some of the seminars and training events. Thanks again."
- Jim Waddell / CTREIA Member

I am motivated, energized, and ready to move to the next level

"It was a great experience for me at the 2 days seminars. I want to thank you very much for what you did for me. I was very glad to have met you in person. I am motivated, energized, and ready to move to the next level. That was my best week-end birthday ever. I plan to attend future meetings, and get more educated. I am starting to do some of the prep work to get educated, and work on my networking. Thank you. You are a blessing inspiration."
- Jean-P / A reliable partner in business

10% of my business comes from CTREIA

"Since joining CTREIA in 2004, 10% of my business comes from CTREIA. The staff and volunteers are a joy to work with. My favorite part of CTREIA is the fact that the members and volunteers are so eager to share their experiences and answer any and all of my questions."
- Martin T. / CTREIA Vendor

I learned so much there and got the confidence to take action

"My first event with CTREIA was the New England Real Estate Conference and Trade Show in 2011. I learned so much there and got the confidence to take action. Two weeks later, I bought a multi-family house. Thank you CTREIA!"
- Gloria Perry / Middletown, CT

Being in that class made me realize I can really do this...

"I want to stop by to thank for the work you and CTREIA did to put this event together. I am so glad I was able to attend the event and make arrangements last minute for my kids to have a sitter. Even though I was faced with a flat tire as I was heading out the door, I was determined to attend this event and boy was it worth it! I look forward to utilizing this system to begin 'reverse wholesaling'. Joe Metcalfe did an excellent job presenting us with all the information and it was great to meet new people. Thanks again!"
- Jessie M. Fennell, Milford, CT / First Time CTREIA Attendee

My only regret is that I didn't attend CTREIA seminars years ago...

"I was amazed by the amount and quality of information and contacts that I received throughout this weekend. My only regret is that I didn't attend CTREIA seminars years ago. I received 3 potential leads to rehab single family properties from wholesalers. The strangest thing is they all came to me! Thanks Again."
- Ken Becker / 2011 Trade Show Attendee

My relationship with the CTREIA has been a profitable one...

"My relationship with the CTREIA has been a profitable one thus far, and I can only imagine that it will continue to be so in the months and years to come."
- Ben S. / Wholesaler

It was great to be able to hear other people's stories and situations...

"I just wanted to say I really LOVED the Mastermind meeting last night. It was both inspiring and informative for me. It was great to be able hear other people's stories and situations. Great to meet new people doing the same thing as myself. Thanks again to you, my biggest source of information and inspiration. Talk to you soon."
- Mike Fennell / CTREIA Member

I see CTREIA as helping change our city landscape...

"I attended my first CTREIA meeting 3 1/2 years ago and I have seen the likes of CT Homes, the Flip this House guys and many others that have moved on to the likes that I wanted to go. Time was a serious issue for me as I was between jobs, and kids and family seems to take up all of my spare time. However after attending several CTREIA meetings I found that I really could make the time. Today I maintain a part-time job, my wife got involved and we now have a total of 18 apartments that we have updated and improved our neighborhood. I see CTREIA as helping change our city landscape. We are providing better housing in our city one neighborhood at a time."
- N. Garcia / CTREIA Member

The direction and contacts provided by CTREIA assisted in developing the foundation of our business...

"WDI Properties, LLC closed on a single family house in Milford, in May of 2009. We completely gutted the interior, added a dormer and full bath upstairs, new kitchen, totally remodeled the interior and vinyl sided the exterior. The house sold in five weeks for full asking price. Many of CTREIA's seminars provided insight and direction on how to structure a rehab, the importance of curb appeal and the importance of building a solid resource team. Furthermore, the direction and contacts provide by CTREIA assisted in developing the foundation of our business and a strong outlook for 2010."
- Bill Ifkovic / CTREIA Member

Motivating, inspiring, educational and entertaining

"The weekend events were motivating, inspiring, educational and entertaining. Kudos to staff, guest speakers and participants."
- Michael C. / CTREIA Member

You have an incredible amount of knowledge

"Thanks again for sharing some of your time with me today. Every time I'm in a meeting with you I receive new and extremely valuable information that is going to help my business tremendously. You have an incredible amount of knowledge and I'm truly grateful that you share it. I look forward to continuing my education with you. I'm excited about doing business with you in the future."
- Jamie Ochman / CTREIA Member

Appreciate the way you keep me in mind when you meet contacts in my area

"Just wanted to thank you for connecting me up with Joe here in Groton. I appreciate the way you keep me in mind when you meet contacts in my area. God bless."
- Nathanael Stover / CTREIA Member

Great creation of wealth

"Keep up the great creation of health, wealth and happiness."
- Terry Dilozir / CTREIA Member

It was very informative

"Good morning Linda, keep up the good work. I enjoyed every bit of the workshop with Sue, it was very informative, thank you."
- Yvonne Willis / CTREIA Member

CTREIA is the best use of my advertising dollar for increasing sales

"This is my 5th CTREIA Trade Show. For my money, CTREIA is the best use of my advertising dollar for increasing sales. A True - Riffle Approach to increase profits. Dollars well spent. Work smart, not hard. Join CTREIA."
- George S. - Tradeshow Vendor

Coaching Program Testimonials

The coach's expertise is top notch

"Team Coaching has given me greater confidence & many more tools with which to further our real estate investments. The coach's expertise is top notch & a great safety net."
- Ed Crocker / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

This class has given me confidence

"This class has given me the confidence where I feel better about making offers which has been a huge hurtle. Thanks so much!"
- Pati Crocker / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

An excellent hands-on experience

"An excellent 'hands-on' experience. If you are interested in owning real estate, you should seriously consider this coaching program."
- John Kelson / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

The Best Fun I Had

"That was a blast. It was the best fun I had on the river all year! Thank you for putting it together."
- Rich / CTREIA Member

Very helpful and encouraging

"The call was very helpful and encouraging and the forms are AWESOME! Wow, you have taken away a concern I have had for years: how to figure out the repair/costs. Talk about making your student's life easier. You all rock!"
- Georgie / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

I learned the most from this coaching class

"I have always dreamed of investing in real estate. I have spent hundreds of dollars on items from infomercial's and other sources. I have learned more from this coaching class than all of that stuff combined."
- Sherwin Griffith / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

I got my money's worth and more

"After taking a few other courses, I have found that this one was the most rewarding and knowledgeable. It has been the only one in which I've walked away from, where I truly feel I got my money's worth and more."
- Ty Holloway / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

Lou, JoAnne, and Linda bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise

"This is very valuable for people looking to expand their current knowledge of rental property ownership or getting into the investment world. Lou, JoAnne & Linda bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise."
- Mike DeGregorio / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

Knowledge I gained enabled me to make deals

"Last October, I bought a $30,000 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo in Hartford that is rented for $675 a month. I put down $7,000 and get owner financing for the rest at 4% interest, 30 year amortization, 3 1/2 year balloon. This condo cash flows $350 per month after PITI. The cash on cash return is over 50%.

I found the property on Craigslist. The owner owned the entire 6 units building free and clear. She wanted to sell it for only $190k. I calculated the monthly positive cash flow to be $2,000 a month. She asked for 20% down, which I have. The negotiation broke down over the balloon payment. She wanted the balloon payment in 3 and a half years. I asked for 7 years. My concern was that the credit environment won't improve enough for me to do a refinance in 3 and 1/2 years.

I therefore chose to buy only one unit. The cash on cash return is great. I feel more confident now. The knowledge I gained through the coaching class enabled me to do this deal. I'd recommend the CTREIA coaching course to everyone. Thanks."
- Wai / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

You guys are the greatest

"Joanne and Linda, thank you so much for last night. I feel so lucky to have you, Lou, and Linda on my side. You guys are the greatest. Truly. Thanks again."
- Debbie Schroen / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

Inspiring and Eye Opening

"Thank you for the time spent teaching the (Find It, Fix It, Flip It, or Keep It) class. It was inspiring and eye opening. Thank you again."
- David Dion

I learned a lot and gained confidence

"I have learned a lot, gained confidence and am sure that I am focusing on being a real estate investor." (Viola drove 2 hours each way to participate in the program!)
- Viola / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

I enjoyed the CTREIA course most

"I have gone through many investment courses so far & enjoyed CTREIA the most. I found Linda, JoAnne, & Lou personable & knowledgeable. They are eager to share their expertise in class, on the phone, email, & in the field."
- Phil Gerardo / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

The coaches are committed about my success

"The coaching program was very helpful & motivating. The coaches are very committed & sincere about my success. There was no shortage of information & support. Great opportunity to share ideas"
- Jeffrey Russo / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

There have been many tips that saved me

"There have been many, many little tips and tricks, that have saved me, and will save me, thousands of dollars in the future. In the long run, this course is priceless for all the time it will save you to learn it all on our own."
- Howard Coro / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

I have more confidence moving forward

"I (now) have knowledge I was struggling before to learn. I have more confidence moving forward. No turning back now. I know I will continue to grow as an investor and look forward to the journey."
- Elana Suzanne / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

The information I received was invaluable

"I would recommend this program because the information is invaluable to anyone who wants to succeed as a real estate investor and/or property manager!"
- Richard Lewis Jr. / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

I finally have a grasp on how all the pieces fit together

"I am so grateful to CTREIA for developing a program that focused on investing in 'my backyard'. I am thinking broader, have the confidence I need to move forward and finally have a grasp of how all the pieces fit together."
- Mary Ghent - CTREIA Coaching Graduate

This program helped me connect the dots

"I have been studying real estate investing for some time & this program helped connect the dots. I have a much better understanding purchasing with no money down. This program will help you invest in real estate."
- Craig Lundell / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

I am so glad I met you

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your kind works and advice the other night. I am so glad I have met you and CTREIA. I know my life will never be the same. Thanks again."
- Mike / CTREIA Coaching Graduate

Writing a Craigslist apartment ad - the right way

"I recently had an unexpected vacant apartment that I was trying to rent up. I started advertising on Craigslist back in January and by mid April I still had no luck with finding a tenant. I contacted Joanne to see if she could help me with my challenge. She reviewed the ad and the photos that I had posted on Craigslist. She instructed me in great detail on how to rewrite the ad - I had it all wrong. She also instructed me to stage the apartment, telling me what to use and where to use it - specifically she suggested I make up the bed with coordinating comforter and pillow shams with lots and lots of toss pillows. (That very day I went to Wal Mart and by the time I left the store, there wasn't a toss pillow left on the shelf ! Lol! Not really, but you get the idea. Also, Joanne said my photos of the apartment were all wrong. So I took a whole new set of photos per her specifications. Additionally, she told me to set up a Craigslist account and renew the ad every 1 - 2 days to keep it up on top. I had no knowledge of this and further more I honestly didn't think it would make a difference. After all, don't people searching apartments on Craigslist just automatically do a search to find what they are looking for? Surely my ad would come up that way - right? WRONG! I followed Joanne's suggestions and specs to the letter and VOILA!

c5491a30e1f8ec54 Two weeks after implementing what I had learned in "Joanne's Craigslist Ad Writing Mini Boot Camp", my apartment is now rented! Kudos to you, Joanne - you certainly know your stuff in the world of real estate investing! It's truly an honor to study under a master!"
- Sherri / CTREIA Member


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