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RE 101
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  • Interested In Real Estate But Don Know Where To Start
  • Do You Own Real Estate & Want To Turn It Into A Business?


Say Goodbye To "figuring things out as you go"
and Hello To a Proven Process On How To Do Everything

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No Matter Where You Are

- Beginner or Seasoned Pro -

Your Real Estate Investment Profits Will

Soar With This ONLINE WORKSHOP Called...

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You will also be able to attend live classes for this event!

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Learn All About Real Estate Investing Online

Just follow these Simple Steps!

  1. Buy this product.
  2. We will email you a link and password to access the program
  3. You will see a menu of 9 modules (each 20 to 40 minutes long)
  4. Select a module and watch the video
  5. Download the handbook, other forms, excel spreadsheets, or documents that go along with that Module
  6. Send any questions you may have about a Module to
  7. Take action and share your stories of success!

For years, we have been offering Real Estate 101 to new investors as a live class. In fact, students invested $249 for this program just a few months ago. The "thank yous" and "success stories" have been amazing!

Unfortunately, because the Coaches are also full time Real Estate Entrepreneurs, we have only been able to offer this once or twice a year.

So if you found CT REIA too late, you had to wait up to SIX MONTHS to benefit from this jam-packed program.

The Solution?

Offer Real Estate 101 ONLINE! and Still Give You Credit for the Live Class when we offer it.

Now you can watch this program at the time that works for you...

from wherever you want ...

... and you can review the material as many times as you wish.

graduates from this investment program

CT REIA Members & Non-Members alike, successful investors and newbies are invited to learn the ABCs and 123s of wealth-building real estate investing here in Connecticut at this upcoming Online Workshop called "Real Estate 101".

Finally Hammer Down the Nuts & Bolts Critical Information & Principles Currently Holding You Back From Wealth-Creation - With soaring taxes, a dicey stock market and fear that your head will be next on the chopping-block at your job, you have just ONE last card to pull if you plan on securing the financial future you and your family deserve...real estate investing.

And with record-low interest rates, the writing on the wall is all but screaming out to you, "NOW IS YOUR TIME TO CASH IN!"

Problem is, you may not know where to may be afraid of losing the money youve worked so hard to save up...or you may be afraid that you don have enough money to invest.

If Thats Your Case You MUST Attend This Workshop

The "Real Estate 101" Online Workshop is designed to give new investors an opportunity to learn in detail the basics of getting started and following a proven, simple step-by-step investing process that works specifically for Connecticut investors - as proven by us and hundreds of our students. If you are a new investor or simply new to the CT REIA association, plan to join us for this workshop.

At this Online Workshop, you will learn the simplistic ABCs of: Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Selling Quickly and Holding for long-term income... and how to easily decide which you should do in every situation!

Youll be Able to:

  • Create a Lead Generation Machine - So you quickly fill your units
  • Work with Realtors as Part of Your Buying and Selling Strategy - You can profit and save time from their leg-work
  • Be Able to Find Great Investment Properties - Well show you how to spot the cash cow deals that only trained eyes see
  • Inspect Properties With Confidence - So you never have to realize your worst nightmare of buying a ‘money pit
  • Evaluate Every Deal - Using a simple formula thats worked for decades
  • Make Offers with Confidence
  • Learn How to Wholesale Properties
  • Estimate and Manage Projects with Confidence - Eliminate management headaches so you can buy, hold and prosper
  • Deal with Contractors - Get things done fast, right and at a great price every time
  • Learn the Art of Retailing
  • Learn the Keeper Business (AKA Landlording)
  • Create a Sure Plan to Create Wealth

Whether you e a beginner whos clueless about where to start, or youve got more strategies swarming in your head than an agitated bee hive, or you e a real estate cash-flowing pro, this Online Workshop will help you prosper using reliable, sustainable, time-tested secrets.

"Attend Totally Risk-FREE With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee"

100% Money Back Guarantee If after watching Modules 1 and 2, you don believe this information will help you make at least $10,000 in the next 12 months, simply request a refund and well provide it!

The beauty of this program is that you have access to this program 24/7 and can review the material as often as you wish. You can also send questions to - this program is an overview of your Real Estate Investing career.

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Russ Majancik "Just wanted to say thank you to CT REIA. For providing education, mentorship, resources and tools needed to invest in real estate. CT REIA is where I started my investing career. Here is where I learned most of what I know and need to invest. I am still an active member and I continue to take advantage of all the benefits CT REIA offers. I would encourage everyone who is considering pursuing real estate investing seriously, to join. Having local investors as coaches, mentors and advisors, is invaluable and shortens the learning curve dramatically". Russ Majancik, Real Estate Investor

"I love the online classes!!! This is a great way for me to learn and continue to grow in knowledge! Especially given my situation." Bill W., Springfield Mass.

"I signed up for and purchased the Real Estate 101 Online Workshop and have learned so much! Thank you so much for making this available online. I am originally from Stamford, CT, but presently live in Darlington, SC. I am a beginner real estate investor, with a focus on wholesaling. My goal is to get established in wholesaling here, then start investing in multi-family houses in Connecticut. My father and I were in Connecticut in March and had the privilege to attend a CTREIA meeting and meet a few people, including Linda Baumgarten, who taught a session. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and when we visit in 2015, we look to plan the trip around the date of a CTREIA meeting. Thank You." Joy Davis

Dear Joy: Yes, you have access to Real Estate 101 Online Workshop ... there is no deadline so you can review it at any time. However, we certainly recommend you watch/read each module as quickly as possible (and maybe watch/read several times to absorb the information and take action). After all, each of the 9 modules is only 15-20 minutes long .... and our most successful members have started with this program. Compare this programs value at $997! Here at CT REIA, we want to education as many people as possible, so we make this available at a very affordable tuition of $249!

Real Estate 101 - Online Workshop


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